Dominic Scott

Francesco Zimone

Francesco Zimone lends his extensive design and culinary expertise to world renowned L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Hollywood. As the owner and designer, Zimone delivers a true Italian experience by treating guests to authentic dishes in an immersive dining atmosphere.

A culmination of his life’s passions, he turned the quaint courtyard—reminiscent of his childhood’s Italian summers—into the first U.S. expansion of the celebrated da Michele.

Dominic Scott

Michele Rubini

Michele Rubini brings a lifetime of passion for Italian cuisine, genuine hospitality, and detailed technique to his role at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Rubini embraces true Italian tradition with a commitment to quality, fresh ingredients, and impeccable service—fostering a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

“When I think of pizza, I think of all the conversations, laughter, and emotional exchanges among people, friends, lovers, and business partners that are behind each-and-every single bite”