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L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, the world-renowned Neapolitan pizzeria, debuted in the heart of Hollywood in 2019 as the first U.S. location. The restaurant’s authentic Neapolitan pizza is made using the same centuries-old recipe, techniques, and Italian imported ingredients at its origin restaurant in Naples, established in 1870. Guests who visit L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele are welcomed into beautiful “courtyards”, which serve as central gathering points for they can view pizzas being prepared in the restaurant’s imported stone oven.

Owner Francesco Zimone, who designed each restaurant, was inspired by his childhood summers in his hometown of Naples, the atmosphere is classic Italian meets modern Californian. Blue and white tiles adorn the walls, and natural wood and Baltic stone are incorporated throughout the terrace and interior.

“ I’m having a relationship with this pizza”
Julia Roberts (Eat Pray Love – L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele -2010- Naples)

In Italy, L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a tiny shop that only sells two pizzas — Marinara or Margherita, and drew praise for its thin, flavorful pies long before Gilbert’s nod in Eat Pray Love and the subsequent Hollywood appearance in the movie adaptation starring Julia Roberts.

our Values

TRADITION: We honor and celebrate the Italian culture, cuisine and hospitality spirit. We are dedicated to creating felt experiences, in a vibrant and comfortable setting, which will touch upon all senses and emotions. All while maintaining the beauty of old-world Italian tradition.

CREATIVITY: Where tradition meets innovation and our vision meets different perspectives, we are inspired to entertain our guests and leveraging our F&B service in inventive ways.

CONFIDENCE: Our commitment to excellence and our restlessness to keep improving through long term planning and talent development enhance the extraordinary value we provide our partners and community.

CARE: We strive to make an impact on our community as we participate in many philanthropic initiatives. Responsibility, generosity, kindness, empathy.


HOSPITALITY: The friendly, gracious, and thoughtful reception and entertainment of each and every guest.

TEAMWORK: To cooperate and pitch in without regard for self. A way of working characterized by a selfless desire to help others. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we work together, we can create something special.

COMMUNITY: To embrace the spirit of generosity, to create long life relationships, family time, togetherness around a table, connections, memories, and friendship and to help those who are in need and ultimately to create a better world for future generations.

AUTHENTICITY: Never perfect, always genuine.